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Thank you for your interest to be included on the Canadian Trade Commissioner Diabetes Management Products & Services Export Directory. 


Diabetes is a global epidemic affecting an estimated 422 million people worldwide. The WHO projects that diabetes will be the seventh leading cause of death by 2030. An estimated 4 million people die annually from diabetes complications, and is one of the most common non-communicable diseases. 


On World Diabetes Day (2020), WHO announced the development of the Global Diabetes Compact, which launched in April 2021. The main goals are: increased capacity of health systems to detect, diagnose and manage diabetes; integration of diabetes care into existing programs, thereby leveraging existing capacities in the health-care system and meeting people’s health-care needs in a more holistic way; and the scaling-up of health promotion efforts to prevent diabetes, particularly among young people. On the prevention: reducing obesity, especially among young people. On the treatment: improving access to diabetes medicines and technologies.


The aim is to identify how AB companies can contribute their expertise, technology and services to this international effort, by providing, enhancing and leading in the detection, diagnosis and management of diabetes. The project will target posts with the highest global incidence of diabetes: China, India, US, Pakistan, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Egypt and Bangladesh.

The Government of Canada, led by the Regional Office for Alberta and the NWT of the Trade Commissioner Service, is developing a directory of Alberta companies, that are developing and delivering innovative diabetes management solutions. Alberta companies are invited to participate in the directory if their products or services are designed for export and fit into at least one of these four areas of disaster management.


EventWorx Corporation has been selected by Global Affairs Canada to produce this directory.


Submission deadline is February 20, 2022.



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