Partner with EventWorx for Your Next Event

Organizing events of any scale requires experience, discipline and a great deal of work from a variety of experts in conference production, operations, marketing, sales, and finance.  Many smaller organizations, associations and not-for-profits may not have the luxury to employ event teams.  Partnering with EventWorx brings focus and expertise to the planning and successful execution of a conference, convention, trade exhibition or special event.


The EventWorx Corporation works with our partners to develop events that create lasting individual experiences for all stakeholders.  Regardless of the nature of the event, be it a trade show, conference, convention, round table discussion, or festival – every gathering must have purpose and every participant leaves with a memorable experience.

EventWorx collaborates with organizations of all sizes.  Align our team with your staff and volunteers, and let us handle as many of the aspects of the event organizing and coordination as you require.  Our experiences prove time and time again, having the inclusion of the staff and volunteers who are passionate about the cause is pinnacle to the success of any event. However, the enjoyment and passion can quickly erode due to the stress and time required to execute a successful world-class event.  Everyone wants a great experience. Let EventWorx Corporation take care of the stress, and allow your team to enjoy the successes of a great experience.

Strategic Partnerships

EventWorx Corporation enjoys the strategic partnerships with a number of organizations, and we look forward to developing new win-win partnerships.  Thank you to these amazing partners: