About EventWorx Corporation

Crafting immersive events for all industries.

How the Story Began

Having previously held senior executive roles running the event side of an internationally-renowned media company, EventWorx was launched as a privately held entity in 2017 by Wes Scott, Bruce Carew and Helen Wallace. You may know them from events such as Global Petroleum Show back in the day.


Our combined expertise in launching events across the globe sparked a desire to offer a gap evident in event management services so that corporations and organizations can focus on what they do best - running their business.  Event organization requires a different skill set - sometimes it's not as glamourous as it appears!  We're here to provide peace of mind and seamless execution of your next event.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the EventWorx Corporation is simple. Exceptional experiences bond people together. By gathering people face-to-face, the human interaction elevates opportunities to collaborate, share, smile, and do business.  


Simply put: Events work.