About EventWorx Corporation

We are in the face-to-face business.

How the Story Began

EventWorx is a privately held, Canadian company, launched in 2017 by the current management team, Wes Scott, Helen Wallace and Bruce Carew. The three partners came out of dmg events, where each of them held senior executive roles overseeing the North American operations of dmg.  Within the portfolio, the North America business managed more than fifteen events, spanning North and South America. During 2017, EventWorx purchased the assets of the Oil Sands Conference & Trade Show, Atlantic Canada Petroleum Show and PetroChem Canada from dmg events. 

Our Philosophy

 The philosophy of the EventWorx Corporation is simple. Human beings by their very nature want to belong to a family, a clan, a group or a gathering where they share experiences of common interest with others. Events, in whatever form, are gatherings of like-minded people coming together to share in celebration, commerce, education, and even death.


Above it all, they come to share an experience. Social media and the Internet have enabled people from around the world to share just like an event, with a major limitation, the lack of direct human interaction. From time to time, we still want face-to-face interaction with one another, and today that includes meeting virtually too. Social media and the Internet are conduits for bringing people together; but we believe face-to-face interactions and handshakes are still the best way to meet and do business. Our philosophy is simple, events work. 

And Why the Gears?

 A single gear on its own is not very effective but bring together several gears and we create amazing new machines and mechanisms. The gears symbolize many things, but for EventWorx, we envision our stakeholders: partners, visitors, exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, and ourselves, each as a gear - Bring us together in one place, at one time and we’ll create something truly amazing!

Our Differences Makeup Our Key Strengths

Each of us came to EventWorx with different backgrounds, difference skillsets and often different perspectives.  Our strengths 

come from our collective diversity. EventWorx is a unique group of thinkers and doers with a suite of unique the talents and an ability to come together creativity to solve problems. We often see things differently - but we are all driven by our passion to collaborate to produce outstanding events.  


In addition to a small executive team, EventWorx is very fortunate to employ a talented group of incredible people, all with exceptional  skills that help to elevate EventWorx's brands and those of our clients to new heights.