Calgary, Alberta

March 29-30, 2023

The Premier Business and Technical Event for Downstream Professionals


Alberta is Canada’s largest refining and petrochemical cluster. With the province's abundant feedstock and transportations systems, this sector is poised to continue growing. 

New and existing operators are taking advantage of Alberta’s energy resources and new government incentive programs to build new plants and expand operations, making Alberta the a world hotspot for petrochemical and refining investment and growth.


PetroChem Canada•West brings together the western Canadian petrochemical, chemical, emerging biochemical manufacturers together with their supply chain and multiple levels of government to discuss the opportunities to expand and further develop Alberta's downstream sector.


Developing Canada's downstream sector is key to maximizing the value of Canada's natural resources.  Let's work together to become more globally competitive by further increasing our processing capacities across the country. By manufacturing more added-value products, we increase the true value of our resources, create jobs; and can embrace technologies to do it in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way.  Conferences like PetroChem Canada•West provide the forum for bringing Canadians together to have these discussions.


Mark your calendar for the end of March 2023 and we'll see you in Calgary, Alberta. 

Interested in Participating?

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Phone: 403.971.3227