Our Events


We are in the face-to-face business.

EventWorx owns a number of signature conferences and trade shows including the Oil Sands Conference & Conference, Supply Change Conference & Expo, Smart Energy Event, PetroChem Canada West and East. We create exceptional experiences for our customers to do business together in a face-to-face setting.


EventWorx also produces events for clients on a contract basis.

Signature Events

Oil Sands Conference & Trade Show is the premier event specifically developed for Alberta’s oil sands sector. This interactive exhibition is the place for oil sands operators and their contractors who are seeking solutions and innovations to reduce costs and maximize existing equipment and facilities. The Oil Sands Conference & Trade Show focuses on promoting the latest technologies, maintenance, shutdowns/turnarounds, mining, upgrading, health & safety and environment strategies.  We feature both a technical and a business conference, as well as a number of exceptional networking events.

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PetroChem Canada brings leaders from the downstream sector together with government, academia and the supply chain to discuss the opportunities & challenges of developing Canada’s downstream sector and competing in world markets. Developing Canada’s downstream sector is key to maximizing the value of Canada’s natural resources. 


                                                                    Let’s work together to become more globally competitive by further increasing our processing 

                                                                    capacities across the country. By manufacturing more added-value products, we increase the

                                                                    true value of our resources, create jobs; and we will  embrace technologies to do it in an

                                                                    environmentally conscious and sustainable way.  PetroChem Canada provides the forum for

                                                                    bringing industry together to have these discussions. 


Supply Change Conference & Expo is a unique event, that providing hands-on, visual experiences and showcasing the system of technical innovations, organizations, people, activities, information and resources within the supply chain, applicable to all industries.

Supply Change Conference & Expo assembles industry experts, change leaders and technology providers from dozens of industries across North America.  With an exposition, conference and networking events, Supply Change Conference & Expo is a   

comprehensive platform for business owners, managers, SCM professionals and their teams to come learn and meet the experts.

Smart Energy focuses on timely actions for getting to NET-ZERO with expert speakers on how collaborative and inclusive technologies with collaborative thinking can achieve Net-Zero sooner. Emerging innovations in hydrogen, storage, EVs, carbon capture, transportation, electrification and renewables will change how utilities, municipalities, policy-makers, integrators, corporations, governments, researchers and consumers collaborate to reach an inclusive transition to NET-ZERO.

Alberta is Canada’s largest refining and petrochemical cluster. With the province's abundant feedstock and transportations systems, this sector is poised to continue growing. 


New and existing operators are taking advantage of Alberta’s energy resources and new government incentive programs to build new plants and expand operations, making Alberta the a world hotspot for petrochemical and refining investment and growth.


PetroChem Canada•West brings together the western Canadian petrochemical, chemical, emerging biochemical manufacturers together with their supply chain and multiple levels of government to discuss the opportunities to expand and further develop Alberta's downstream sector.