Disaster Management & Emergency Preparedness Capabilities Export Directory

The Government of Canada, led by the Trade Commissioner Service’s Regional Office for Alberta and the Northwest Territories, is creating a directory of Canadian companies and organizations that are developing and delivering innovative solutions focused on mitigation, preparedness, response, training and recovery in emergency situations.


This directory aims to strategically showcase and promote Canadian companies and organizations to potential end-users/agents/distributors/retailers abroad, as identified by the Trade Commissioner Service network and our partners including other federal government departments or agencies and provincial governments.


Canadian companies and organizations that are exporting their products, services or technologies, or ready to do so, are invited to participate in the directory if their products, services or technologies are focused on:


·         Search & Rescue

·         Wildfires

·         Climate impact (flooding, hurricanes, cyclones, droughts, extreme heatwaves)

·         Earthquakes, landslides, snow storms

·         Water contamination

·         Infrastructure (housing/medical)

·         Power

·         Predictive Modelling


EventWorx Corporation has been contracted to produce this directory and is currently recruiting companies to be promoted in it. There is no cost to include your company or organization. Your company must be currently exporting or planning to export products or services in the near future to be included in this directory.


Please complete the form below to be considered for the directory. 


The deadline to apply is March 17, 2023.


Should you have any questions about this project, please contact Arbinder Pal at arbinder.pal@international.gc.ca. For assistance with submitting the form, please contact marketing@eventworx.ca.

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