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EventWorx is honoured to work with a number of customers to produce their conferences, events and trade shows. Our clients include:

Join us in Calgary, Alberta

April, 2022


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As an organization, the AEEA engages with its members and other stakeholders to increase awareness and advocate for the economic and environmental benefits of energy efficiency in Alberta, from creating jobs and growing the economy to saving energy costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 


Featuring industry experts, innovators and leaders in the field, our events showcase the important discussions taking place, often directly with government and policy-makers, and the action needed to continue to foster and achieve the important economic and environmental benefits of energy efficiency in the province.


This Summit offers delegates a forum to collaborate, network, learn and receive insight into the latest trends and next steps in energy efficiency policy, benefits, technologies and jobs in Alberta and across North America.

This informative four-day event brings together stakeholders from government organizations, regulatory bodies, oil and gas producing companies, service and supply companies, research centres, and academic institutions to discuss and collaborate on various aspects of oil and gas methane emission detection, mitigation, and reporting, such

                                                                            as: regulations, policies, research, technology development and deployment, and 

                                                                            best practices, to meet the 45% methane reduction target by 2025. 



Join us in Calgary, Alberta

November 1-4, 2021

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The future of electrical metals is now. This conference is structured to provide a comprehensive overview of the Canadian electrical metals sector. 


The goal is to showcase the key metals critical for electrical power generation, transmission,

                                                              energy storage and end uses - and feature the Canadian companies making this possible. These 

                                                              metals are essential to the future of the world's transportation, technology, medical and

                                                              communications sectors.



Join us in Calgary, Alberta

September, 2022

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The 18th annual "hybrid" conference brings together experts, innovators & disruptors from across the globe to network and exchange ideas with utilities, energy experts, service providers, commercial consumers, academics and policy makers from the smart, clean & renewable sectors on April 2022 in Halifax, NS.




Join us in Halifax, Nova Scotia

April 25 - 26, 2022

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The Williston Basin Petroleum Conference is one of the most well-established energy events in Saskatchewan and specifically focuses advancing development in the Williston Basin Sedimentary Basin. The new Williston Basin Petroleum Conference features a high-level business conference, two days of technical presentations, two-day technical exhibition, core workshop and fantastic

                                                             networking events.



Join us in Regina, Saskatchewan

May 17-18, 2022

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